Terms and conditions



Cancellations with 15+ days’ notice will receive a full deposit refund less £20 cancellation fee.

Cancellations after 14 days will not receive a refund however we will do our best to transfer the party to another date.


Balance of payment

The full cost of a party ids £125.00 for 16 children. Extra children are at a cost of £6.00 per child.

Full payment must be made 14 days prior to commencement of the party, either cash, cheque or bank transfer. You will receive an email to confirm payment has cleared.


The party organiser is responsible for ensuring that the parents/guardians of all children attending the party are aware that this is a gymnastics party and that activities will be taking place in the gymnastics academy.

The party organiser must keep a list of the emergency contact numbers for all children attending without a parent/guardian so that they can be contacted in case of emergency.


AVGA coaches have the right to

  • Prohibit any activity that he/she considers to be dangerous or unsuitable and to restrict the use of items of gymnastics equipment or areas of the gym as necessary.
  • Refuse entry to the gym of any child who is not suitably dressed or is not able to safely use the apparatus due to illness/injury or inappropriate behaviour.


No food or drink must be taken from the eating area.


Rubbish must be cleared by the party organiser before leaving the premises.


The party organiser and max 3 helpers will be allowed to enter the gym 15 minutes prior to commencement of the party to set us as necessary. All other guests and children must wait in reception until the start of the party.


Dear parents and guardians


Ensure your child is dressed appropriately (the academy leotard must be worn for competitions) hair is tied securely and all jewellery is removed. Newly pierced ears should be taped for 6 weeks then earrings removed.

If you would like to purchase the Academy leotard please email Vicki.af1@googlemail.com and ask for the Amber Valley Gymnastics Leotard called Fiona in black colourway.

For Boys Leotard and shorts please go to Milano-pro-sport.com Men’s Apollo black leotard (124001) and Apollo shorts (123901). Other Academy items, for example tracksuits, hoodies etc. can be purchased from –Truesportingcolours.com click on the club shops link.


You are responsible for continually checking the academy’s notice board, Facebook page and emails for up to date information. Please ensure your child’s paysubsonline account is kept updated with a current email address and contact numbers.


Regular attendance is required or your child may fall behind and be moved to another group, any gymnast that does not attend for a month without prior consent will be removed from the group and their place offered to another child.


If your child wishes to drop a session or cancel their membership the Academy requires one months paid/written notice from the 1st of the following full month. (As we are a not

for profit organisation this is vital to enable the Academy to offer the place to another child and not have unfilled places)


Payment must be made by Direct Debit on the 1st of every month. Outstanding fees will accrue a late payment charge of £10.00 per month and overdue payments of a month or

more could result in your child not being allowed to train.


A subscription fee of £15.00 is charged annually in January to help towards purchasing new equipment.


We are affiliated to British Gymnastics and all gymnast’s must hold current BG insurance ( runs from October to September)


Gymnasts should show respect for all members, coaches and equipment. No bad language.

Please ensure if you have any concerns that you follow the correct procedure and contact the Head Coach or Welfare Officer. (Check display board for details)


Gymnasts must inform their coach of any injury/illness prior to training


Coaches will take a register of attendance and children must not leave the premises until a parent/guardian arrives to collect them.


Equipment must not be touched unless directed by a coach.


AVGA operate a Primary Club policy, members are not allowed to be a member of another competing gymnastics club/academy.


The academy occasionally take photos of gymnasts for newsletters, AVGA Facebook page and twitter etc., we follow BG guidelines. If you do not want any photos taken of your child then please send in a letter to confirm this.


By becoming a member of the Academy all parties agree to adhere by the rules, regulations and constitution.


Kind regards